Triax Training Academy

At a time of increasing change within our industry, training and education is essential if you want to keep abreast of the latest technology, design and installation techniques.

The TTA offers a comprehensive education & skills program with the objective of ensuring that companies have the opportunity to keep themselves and their employees fully up to date with the latest technologies and techniques.

It also benefits the customer by providing them with the best possible standard of service.

The TTA's courses are designed to develop skills and competencies necessary to meet the demands of the aerial and systems installation industry.

The courses are delivered by professionals with real hands on experience in our purpose built facility to enable installers and distributors learn the practical features and benefits of using Triax equipment in a professional, friendly and relaxed environment.  

TTA Courses give you:

  • Practical applications, not just the theory
  • Understanding of best practice
  • Skills On the latest Methods Of MATV Distribution (Globally) 

Practical demonstrations and 'hands on' training aim to give installers confidence to meet the daily demands of domestic and commercial installations.

FREE courses for Domestic, MATV, HDMI and Optical Fibre systems (using the range of Triax equipment) will run periodically throughout the year.

In the first instance, please register your interest with a member of our sales team or send an email to

We will contact you when we have more information on the dates of the next relevant course due to be run.

In the mean time we are still running periodic product road-shows and training events around the country. 

Keep an eye on our company news - click here - for upcoming events in your area.

We look forward to meeting you.