Head-quartered in Denmark, Triax is an international supplier of innovative, high-tech solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. The company’s products and solutions are used by broadcasters, cable operators, local closed networks, commerical and domestic MATV and TV Installers. 

Triax has 9 sales subsidiaries generating a turnover of €100M and operates in more than 60 distributor countries. The Triax team consists of approx 350 employees 




The TRIAX Philosophy

From local blacksmith to global solutions provider

When the engineer Knud Jeppesen bought the forge in Hornsyld, Denmark in 1949, he simultaneously laid the foundations of TRIAX.  Alongside the traditional metalworking business, he began to manufacture television aerials in the early 50s.  Before long he had built a flourishing business, combining the traditional simple craftsmanship of metalwork with the electronic radio and television production of modern times. Today, the product range covers all the way from reception to distribution, from satellite dishes over headends to outlets.
It is still the philosophy of TRIAX to develop user friendly, high-quality solutions and products which fulfil the needs of our customers.  That is why we manufacture both standard products and solutions that are tailor-made for individual clients.
We provide solutions that are easy to use and efficient as possible.  These are key words everywhere in TRIAX, and they apply right from the design of the product itself to our customer service and support.
TRIAX is a customer-driven culture where it is easy to get an answer to your questions, and our help and guidance will always be easy to understand, useful and competent.
TRIAX provides solutions for reception, processing and distribution of video, audio and data.Reception and distribution of satellite and terrestrial signals for a single residential unitReception and distribution of signals for more residential units (MATV/SMATV)
Solutions for IPTV
Solutions for CATV 
It is our vision to be the preferred provider of our customers. To achieve this vision, we want to manufacture, provide and market the quality solutions that you, as our customer will need. 
In order to do this, we always keep our 5 values in mind
- Our solutions work to benefit our customers
- We keep things easy and straightforward
- We co-operate and communicate openly on the merits of mutual respect
- We are prepared and flexible
- We are cost conscious



TRIAX' quality policy

It is TRIAX' aim that customers, users and society think of our products, services and ability to supply as being high quality. 
To achieve this goal, TRIAX applies the following policies:
  • Set up and continually prioritise relevant and operational quality goals, quantitative as well as qualitative.
  • Build quality into processes and products and thus apply quality management in all phases of the progress of a product.
  • Ensure that everyone in the organisation works with quality as a common task and display a high degree of quality consciousness.
  • Ensure that the quality management system is run by the entire organisation with support from the quality function.
  • Ensure that everyone in the organisation has the necessary prerequisites and qualifications to perform their jobs.
  • Work continuously  with improvements of the efficiency of the quality management system.•
Apply up-to-date systems, equipment and methods. TRIAX A/S has been working with quality management since 1993, and we are certified according to ISO 9001

TRIAX environmental policy

TRIAX A/S wants to be perceived as an environmentally conscious and responsible manufacturing company and cooperating partner.  In order to achieve this goal we will contribute to sustainable development by minimising waste and energy consumption and by continuously preventing pollution and improving the environmental conditions all over the company. 

Consequently, we will;

Focus on resource consumption and environmental impact in the daily operation and by product development from the customer's draft to the finished product.

Communicate internally about our work on environmental issuesInvolve, motivate and train the staff in the daily work for the environment so that they can work for our environmental policy.

Obey environment laws, and environmental directives and regulations.

Structure and maintain an environmental management system which always can be certified in accordance with DS/EN ISO 14001.