• HDA 1EQ HDMI-HDMI Equaliser

The HDA Equaliser is designed to transmit digital audio and video signals and extend the distance that these signals can travel by equalizing and re-clocking the CDR (Clock Data Recovery). The HDA 1EQ can transmit and receive 2.25Gbps bandwidth rate with video resolution up to 1080p@60Hz. The HDA 1EQ is line powered by the source equipment and draws less than 2W.




  • Extending HDMI Cables
  • HDMI Cascading
  • Making up for poor quality HDMI Cables
  • Package Contains
  • HDA 1EQ
  • User manual 
  • System Requirements
  • Input HDMI source equipment such as DVD/Blu-Ray player and output display with HDMI input socket.
  • Features
  • Built-in TMDS equaliser and CDR for long cable support
  • Support video resolutions upto 1080p@60Hz
  • Capable of transmitting and receiving 2.25Gbps data
  • Line powered from source equipment <2W power consumption
  • Installation friendly


  • Brand: Triax
  • Product Code: 310011