• DW42 Distribution Amplifier

GME Kingray's DA and DW series distribution amplifiers have been designed to suit digital television signals. The technology used is hybrid bipolar and GaAs, which allows for a greater output capacity, whilst having a lower noise figure. The amplifier includes midstage gain controls,a number of flexible powering options and are built in a fully shielded die-cast housing.

 The DW42 is an F Type distribution amplifier designed for separate VHF or UHF antennas or a combined antenna via a switch at the input. The DW42 can be remotely powered via the output. Includes a -30 dB test point.

  • High output capability
  • Low noise
  • Separate or combined inputs
  • Separate VHFL VHFH and UHF gain controls
  • Local or remote powering options
  • Built in slope
  • 30 dB test point
  • Full die cast housing


  • Frequency RangeVHF Low: 40-144 MHz, VHF High: 174 - 300 MHz, UHF: 470 - 860 MHz
  • Maximum GainVHF Low: 35 dB, VHF High: 37 dB, UHF: 40 dB
  • Gain Control RangeVHF Low: 20 dB, VHF High: 20 dB, UHF: 20 dB
  • Maximum Output Level118 dBμV @ - 60 dB IMR (DIN45004B)
  • Noise Figure< 6 dB


  • Operating Voltage12-18 V DC
  • Suitable plug packPSK12S/F, PSK18S/F, PSK18KR
  • Power Consumption300 mA

DW42 Distribution Amplifier

  • Brand: Kingray
  • Product Code: DW42