The Swedish made Fusion Splicer is designed for daily use on fiber optic installations. It operates with only three buttons and after only 1 hour anyone can learn how to splice fibre optic cable. Kit Includes: Cleaver & Stripper

  • Fusion splicing made easy and affordable with the Easy Splicer for both Singlemode and Multimode fibres.
  • Splicing time of less than 7 seconds
  • Loss estimation
  • Built in oven for splice protectors
  • Perfect for the FTTH installer
  • Singlemode and Multimode inc. Trenngerät (Cleaver)
  • Splicing capacity without charger: 40 cycles
  • Li-Ion battery and External Power Supply


The fusion splicer components include:

  • fiber holders (2 pairs)
  • power supply unit
  • fiber cleaver
  • stripper for 250 μm fibers
  • carrying case


Fusion Splicer Hand-held

  • Brand: Emitor
  • Product Code: SBES