• NPN3412 CATTV Panel

NPN and NPO catTV panels for televisions and radios at any point in the data network without additional installation of coaxial cable.

Active Transfer box for distribution of CATV signals over a generic building wiring.

The panel with electric NPN input (coaxial / 75 Ohm) converts the input signal to a balanced signal (sym./100 Ohm) to it intrude on the Patch (Patch Panel) of the building wiring to the subscriber line.

  • Super low noise push-pull technology
  • Level control + equalizer at the input
  • Input test jack
  • Gain through GaAs Hybrid
  • Pairwise assignment of the cables (RF 1.2, remote supply / RC 7, 8)
  • Standard RK modules active and passive retrofit
  • Static shutdown of individual ports possible
  • External power supply

NPN3412 CATTV Panel

  • Brand: Triax
  • Product Code: 350663

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