The KVM110 is an agile Vestigial Side Band A2 Stereo Television PAL B/G Modulator capable of producing an analogue television channel between 44 MHz- 862 MHz. The KVM-110 accepts a composite video signal (AV) at the input via RCA connectors. Being Vestigial Sideband, the KVM110 maintains spectrum efficiency by allowing adjacent channel operation. This module may be installed in a 19 inch rack or operated as a stand alone modulator. 

  • One model covers 44 MHz to 862 MHz
  • Resolution 125KHz steps
  • Adjustable output level
  • Vestigial sideband (7 MHz bandwidth)
  • Adjacent channel capability
  • Group Delay Correction
  • Stereo sound Harmonic filtering
  • Rack mountable Stand alone or 19 inch rack mount
  • Programmable via any computer with an Ethernet connection.
  • Programmable via USB when using as a stand alone module
  • Remote control capability via KLA-110
  • Precision engineered die-cast housing

KVM110 Stereo VSB Modulator

  • Brand: Kingray
  • Product Code: KVM110

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