• TDX Main Cabinet

The TDX housing is designed to accommodate up to 16 frontend and 6 quad backend modules.

Up to three TDX cases can be combined as one system of up to 48 input mux’s and 72 output channels, either 72 PAL programs or 72 QAM/COFDM mux’s or a mixture of these.

The HF output level of the integrated TDX output amplifier can be software-adjusted within the range 85 dBµV through 103 dBµV.

The heart of the TDX is the IP pool where services are available from all front end modules, whether terrestrial, satellite or AV encoder.

From the pool, the services can be cherry-picked and distributed via the COFDM, QAM, PAL or IP backend modules. Any input can be connected to any output.

Configuration of the TDX can either take place by using the TDX service tool or the web based configuration.

Both the TDX service tool and the web configuration, ensure that the COFDM or QAM mux’s are created in a way where the maximum bandwidth is respected.

TDX. Technology, that can do more.


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TDX Main Cabinet

  • Brand: Triax
  • Product Code: 492090