Combo Look S2/T2 Meter

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Brand: Emitor

Combo Look S2/T2 Meter

Combo Look S2/T2 Meter

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Combo Look S2/T2 – Spectrum-analyzer 2-900MHz and 950-2150MHz
Presents full range and expanded spectrum.
Very high accuracy, CATV +/-1dB, SAT-TV +/- 1.5dB at 20°C.
Digital BER, MER and S/N(C/N)-ratio DVB-S/S2.
Digital BER, MER and S/N(C/N)-ratio DVB-T/T2.
DVB-S FTA receiver with picture (MPEG-2).
DVB-T FTA receiver with picture (MPEG-2).
Automatic Satellite identifcation.
Readout of NIT – gives SAT ID and TV/Radio-channel info.
QPSK and 8PSK constellation diagram for DVB-S/S2.
Aerial power output, 0, 12, 18 and 24V.
LNB voltage 13/18V, 22KHz tone switch, Sat-CR control.
DiSEqC according to level 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.
Lots of memory positions for spectrum pictures.
RS232 for PC-connection (up/download).
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
Nice & small, only 4Kg complete with carrying case

Remarks: Power Supply Included