Controller, 64 EoC EP, WiFi

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Brand: Triax

Controller, 64 EoC EP, WiFi

Controller, 64 EoC EP, WiFi

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The EoC controller (V2) is used as the main unit to control up to 70 (mix of EPE & EPC) endpoints in an EoC system The controller acts as both an L2 switch for ethernet and as a media converter from ethernet to coax and back to ethernet, allowing both TV and data signals to use the same coax cable.
Main features for data on 1-200 MHz
TV on 300-862 MHz
4x ethernet port
4x coax EoC out ports
1x coax TV in port
Supports VLAN tagging
Supports coax stacking features- 64 EPC can be connected to total combined coax outputs sharing 1.6Gbs over 1 coax trunk.

Remarks: V2 Stacking controller.