Digiair Pro T2

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Brand: Emitor

Digiair Pro T2

Digiair Pro T2

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You dont need to spend thousands on a spectrum analyzer just to get accurate TV antenna measurements. The revolutionary DIGIAIR-PRO signal meter for HDTV antenna signals offers you professional-level measuring tools on a hobbyist budget. Its simple enough for a first-timer yet powerful enough for the most experienced RF engineer.

The DIGIAIR Pro is the perfect spectrum analyzer for outdoor and indoor use. Its easy-to-use design and rugged case make it the right choice for going up on the roof to tweak an antenna for best performance. Professionals will appreciate the combination of features and hobbyists will see the value and price. Fine-tune your antenna performance and start watching free TV with the Solid Signal Digiair Pro TV antenna signal meter and spectrum analyzer.

Remarks: Includes Carrying Case, Power Supply

Size: 1234 x 55 x 35 mm