KDM101 - AV to COFDM Digital Modulator

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Brand: Kingray

KDM101 – AV to COFDM Digital Modulator

KDM101 – AV to COFDM Digital Modulator

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The KDM101A is ideal for converting an analogue AV signal either from a satellite decoder, DVD player, video surveillance camera or video door phone and modulating it into a digital format (DVB-T) for distribution in a TV cable network. With intuitive, simple menus, the KDM101A provides easy and fast installation while ensuring peak performance.
It now comes with selectable aspect ratio, either 4:3 or 16:9.
Frequency Range 174~862 MHz
Gain Control Range15dB
Maximum Output Level 80dBuV
Channel Bandwidth 6/7/8 MHz
Minimum Output Level 65dBuV
Modulation Format DVB-T (ETSI EN 300 744)
LCN1-1023 adjustable
Output Level Attenuation 15dB
Modulation Error Rate> 38dB