Multimedia Modulator - Digital TV Player

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Brand: Novatech

Multimedia Modulator – Digital TV Player

Multimedia Modulator – Digital TV Player

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Mi Play HD is a device that demonstrates once again how effective and efficient the coaxial cable network of an antenna system is.
It is a product that exploits the TV reception system, present in any Hotel, to distribute unconventional content, usually viewable on a computer or a smart device.
For unconventional content we mean: PDF, Slideshow, Movies, etc. or even Video Streaming, for example from an IP video surveillance network.

Mi Play HD offers a decisive performance: it automatically converts PDF, Video, Photo Gallery and Streaming Video content into a .TS (Transport Stream) format suitable for radio frequency modulation in DVB standard. So these contents are tuned to the TV as if they were any program.
It offers two data inputs, LAN and USB.
The files with the contents to be played can be transferred to the internal memory through a LAN connection, or copied directly from a mass storage connected via USB.
The Mi Play HD generates 4 different services, corresponding to as many programs.

For all functions you can set different parameters, for example: the transition time of the pages (for the Slideshow function), the Play List of the files and more.
Finally, the Scheduler option, which is particularly important because it allows you to change the schedule on an hourly or daily basis; a fundamental feature when Mi Play HD is used in a receptive structure that requires the diffusion of diversified information, according to time and calendar.

Remarks: Built in COFDM Modulation