Stereo Modulator 44-470Mhz, F Type

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Brand: Kingray

Stereo Modulator 44-470Mhz, F Type

Stereo Modulator 44-470Mhz, F Type

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Modulators are designed to convert a base band or A.V. (Audio Video) signal into an RF signal. This allows the outputs from set top boxes, videos, DVD’s, AM and FM tuners, CD players or cameras to be integrated into any television system. By using Kingray stereo modulators (able to adjust the RF output frequencies via the dip switches) a flexible solution is available to suit each individual system. Frequency Range44 – 470 MHz
Gain Control Range 40 dB
Maximum Output Level 103 dBuV
Output Signal to Noise> 55 dB
Frequency Resolution 250 KHz
Video System PAL B
Audio System Stereo/Mono
Audio Connectors RCA
Video Connector RCA
Output Connector F type
Operating Voltage 12 – 18 V DC

Remarks: PSU-PSK12S/F, PSK18S/F