TDX Frontend HDMI

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Brand: Triax

TDX Frontend HDMI

TDX Frontend HDMI

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The HDMI encoder module converts digital audio and video signals from a set top box, a DVD player, a camera, laptop or other sources, into a MPEG data stream. This HDMI data stream is then available in the TDX pool and can be sent out on all TDX output modules.

Audio embedded: AAC, 48 kHz/MPEG-2(L1)
Output Type: MPEG (Serial) transport stream (LVDS)
Output Video Codec: MPEG-2/MPEG-4
Output Video Codec Settings (CBR): 3…11 @ 1 Mbps
Input video standards: 480i30; 480p60; 576i25; 576p50; 720p50/60; 1080p25/30; 1080i25/30

Size: 29 x 126 x 53 mm