TDX SimulCrypt 24 service

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Brand: Triax

TDX SimulCrypt 24 service

TDX SimulCrypt 24 service

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With SimulCrypt the TDX gets the optional capability to do DVB content protection. The embedded scrambling doesn’t require any additional scrambling hardware. Connected to a CAS server the TDX allows to freely select which services should be scrambled.

TDX SimulCrypt for one digital backend with up to 24 services. The license can be used for the following modules:

492055 TDX Backend – QAM
492056 TDX Backend – QAM – 2CI
492072 TDX Backend – IP – 2CI
492060 TDX Backend – COFDM
492061 TDX Backend – COFDM – 2CI