TMPRS 5x16

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Brand: Triax

TMPRS 5×16

TMPRS 5×16

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Triax TMPR 5 x 16 Multiswitch
Mains or Receiver Powered Multiswitches
These remote powered, stand alone multiswitches are designed to be installed where no landlord supply exists.
Remote powered from satellite receiver or external power supply
Adjustable inputs
Slope control on terrestrial
Compact and easy to install
Supplied with input and output earth bond bars
This switch is your preferred choice when you want:
A quick, professional installation
16 TV points with Satellite and Terrestrial

Insertion loss – SAT 2.0 dB
Output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3 95 dBµV
Output level TER @ 60dB IMD3 88 dBµV
Equalization TER 10.0
Input polarity gain control SAT 10.0 dB
Input polarity gain control TER 15.0 dB
DC Pass to Terrestrial Input Switch – YES
12VDC Optional Socket

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Size: 170mm160mmx60mm

End of line: Yes