TOE 02 Opto-to-Electrical Repeater

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Brand: Triax

TOE 02 Opto-to-Electrical Repeater

TOE 02 Opto-to-Electrical Repeater

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The TOE 02 is to be used in conjunction with the optical transmitter TOU 232 SA as a kind of repeater to increase the number of subscribers in a fibre line. It allows you to deploy very large fibre optic plants for SAT-IF distribution with the capability of expanded optical splits locally and far away from the central dish.

The TOE 02 has the function to convert the optical signal from the Opto-LNB or IRS1 transmitter to electrical signals for feeding another optical transmitter TOU 232 SA.
Expands the optical split of a fibre line up to 2×32
The split of the passive optical network (PON) before the repeater should not be more than 16
Maximum of optical split in an IRS 1: 1024 = (TOU232SA=2×16) x (Repeater=2×32)
Additional expanding of split by factor 4 by use of active coaxial splitter TAS 04 for driving more IRS 1 transmitters (TOU232SA) up to 4096

Optical Input Power -12 …-3dBm

Size: 160x167x30 mm