DABMAN i205 CD -Wood

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Brand: Imperial

DABMAN i205 CD -Wood

DABMAN i205 CD -Wood

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Hybrid stereo radio featuring DAB+, FM and web radio reception, featuring CD player, Bluetooth 5.0, UPnP as well as a variety of music streaming options and many user-friendly features.

A highly versatile digital companion: The IMPERIAL DABMAN i205 CD combines the features of a DAB+ and FM radio with the huge possibilities of web radio, CD playback, music streaming access and home networking. Being capable of receiving digital and analogue radio signals via DAB+ and FM as well as web radio stations, the DABMAN i205 CD may also play back music CDs and it can be connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth 5.0 and UPnP. A wide range of features such as multilingual OSD menu, plug & play installation, time display, multilingual menu and alarm clock mode featuring sleep timer top off the list of useful functions, making the versatile IMPERIAL DABMAN i205 CD one of the best hybrid radios in its class.