Digiflexi TT5 DVB Aerial with booster

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Brand: TechniSat

Digiflexi TT5 DVB Aerial with booster

Digiflexi TT5 DVB Aerial with booster

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The compact, indoor antenna DIGIFLEX TT5 receives digital TV programs, that can be received via DVB-T2, in many places, even without an external antenna. In addition, the antenna is ideal for receiving DAB + radio in the best digital quality.
The active amplifier antenna is easy to install and only needs to be connected to the antenna socket of your DVB-T2 receiver, TechniSat digital television or DAB + receiver.
An additional built-in LTE filter also filters out interference from cell phone signals.

The integrated signal amplifier with 26 dB power is supplied directly from the connected receiver with the required supply voltage of 5 volts (40 mA). The DIGIFLEX TT5 thus guarantees strong and stable reception.
When using with DAB + receivers, note that the antenna connection of the DAB + receiver must provide the 5 V supply voltage for the antenna! Otherwise it won’t work.

The DIGIFLEX TT5 has a magnet built into the base

Technical Data

Article information

230 g
152 g
7.00 x 34.50 x 7.00 cm
7.50 x 32.50 x 5.50 cm


24 dB
26 dB

General characteristics

2 m

Power supply

5V by the receiver

Reception range

87.5 … 230 MHz
470 … 790 MHz

Technical data

3.5 dB
75 Ω