EOC Master Controller for upto 32 Endpoints Professional

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Brand: Axing

EOC Master Controller for upto 32 Endpoints Professional

EOC Master Controller for upto 32 Endpoints Professional

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EOC Master controller for 1800Mbps Professional

Feeding IP signals into existing coax cable networks for max. 32 Endpoints
Data transmission range 5…204 MHz
Net data rate 1800 Mbps (PHY)
128 bit-AES-Encryption
Web interface for configuration
2 x RJ 45 Connectors for internet modem and configuration
Incl. external switching power supply
Standard ITU-T G.9960 G.hn over Coax
EEE 802.3u 100BaseT Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ab 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet
IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficiency Ethernet
Transmission level in coaxial network 113 dBµV ± 1dB
Maximum allowed attenuation in coaxial network 77 dB
Frequency range TV bypass 258…1800 MHz

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Ethernet over Coax (Master – Endpoint)

With Ethernet over Coax (EoC) you use the existing coaxial cable for Internet and network data. Television and radio are still transmitted via the same cable. An AXING EoC master modem is the main interface to the network. This device is used to feed data into and out of the coaxial cable network. To set up an EoC network, you therefore need at least 2 modems (master and endpoint modems). The EoC master modem establishes the connection to the Internet and manages all endpoint modems. All endpoints communicate with the master, but not with each other. Such a solution is ideal for Internet supply in apartment buildings, hotels and retirement homes.

How it works:

The EoC Master is connected to the Internet backbone via Gigabit Ethernet. The Internet bandwidth is splitted among the endpoints. Communication between the EoC modems is possible at up to 720 Mbps (PHY) or 1800 Mbps (PHY), depending on the model used. All settings are made at the master modem. For each endpoint you can reduce the data rate and thereby divide the bandwidth. Each endpoint has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. You can connect common network devices such as PC, TV, game console or streaming box, or access points for even more connections.

Endpoints with Wi-Fi are also available. This means that other devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks can be integrated wirelessly. The Wi-Fi configuration is also done via the master.

devices such as smartphones, tablets or notebooks can then be connected wirelessly via it. You can configure the WiFi settings in detail if required.


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