Ethernet WiFi Endpoint with PoE (EPE)

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Brand: Triax

Ethernet WiFi Endpoint with PoE (EPE)

Ethernet WiFi Endpoint with PoE (EPE)

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The Ethernet WiFi Endpoint (EPE) with dual band concurrent Wi-Fi, is used in conjunction with the Triax Ethernet over Coax Controller (EoC) and is intended to provide Wi-Fi access in rooms without Coax cables. This is often the case for rooms such as conference rooms, corridors, lobbies, bars, etc.

The PoE Access Point is powered via Ethernet (PoE) to make the installation easy and independent of a power outlet. This will require the installation of a e PoE+ compliant Ethernet switch connected to the EoC Controller.

The PoE Access Point also has a PoE output (passthrough) to supply power to other PoE devices. This could be a 2nd PoE Access Point, an IP phone, a Camera or other devices in the same room.
If the PoE output is not used, the AP can be switched to power save mode to accept a reduced PoE input power.

Main features
2,4 GHZ Wi-Fi – 802.11b/g/n MIMO
5 GHz Wi-Fi – 802.11ac MU-MIMO
2x Ethernet port
PoE input: PoE-in 802.3af / PoE+in 802.3at
PoE output: PoE-out 802.3af
VLAN support
Layer 2 Isolation

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Size: 3,7 x 11,9 x 18,5 mm

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