TDcH IP Out Licence 100IP

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Brand: Triax

TDcH IP Out Licence 100IP

TDcH IP Out Licence 100IP

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To distribute IPTV signals out from the TDcH you will need a SFP adapter (article number: 492086) and a IP-out activation license key.
The license activates the IP-out functionality and is not based on service quantity.
Maximum services at one TDcH is 100 IP-out services (TV and Radio) or maximum output bandwidth of 950 Mbit.
All TDcH headends are able to activate the IP-out functionality via a license key.

LCN (Logical Channel Numbering) for IPTV services discovery
SID and TSID management
PID management
Real time output load measurement
Service Discovery protocols (M3U, M3Ue, M3Uepp, XSPF)
EPG for IP-out services. EIT for current service inside the SPTS streamed via UDP/RTP multicast direct to the TV set or as Samsung EPG XML for Samsung SINC or REACH server.