TDH 813 Frontend - DVB-T/T2 [COFDM]

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Brand: Triax

TDH 813 Frontend – DVB-T/T2 [COFDM]

TDH 813 Frontend – DVB-T/T2 [COFDM]

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The DVB-T/T2 frontend module is an input module for the reception of both T and T2 digital terrestrial signals. The module can receive a complete terrestrial MUX and send all services in the MUX to the TDH 800 pool. The DVB-T/T2 frontend module includes a tuner, with integrated gain control and channel filtering, and a COFDM demodulator with serial transport stream input to the TDH 800 system.

Reception of HD and SD services
Software downloading through TDH 800 system controller module
Preconfiguration from/to file through system controller module
Log to file/flash
All services will be transferred to the TDH 800 pool

Size: 29 x 132 x 50 mm