TEoC GigaKit - Point to Point EOC

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Brand: Triax

TEoC GigaKit – Point to Point EOC

TEoC GigaKit – Point to Point EOC

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The Smart Choice
Enjoy fast, stable, reliable and safe Ethernet around the home using existing TV coax cable and TV points.
Boost Home Entertainment Networks, Laptops, Smart TV’s, Gaming Consoles all require a fast and reliable broadband connection to maximise their potential.
TRIAX TEoC GigaKit uses G.hn technology.
G.hn Technology :G.hn is an ITU standard used to deliver High Speed Broadband over legacy cabling. With the growing demands on home entertainment networks, the technology enables performance levels which Wi-Fi solutions are often unable to meet.

Goodbye Wi-Fi Dead Spots
Connect places Wi-Fi cannot reach with IP over Coax. The TEoC GigaKit enables fast and strong ethernet signals in rooms far from the router or those affected by thick or foil insulated walls.
Perfect for MDU installations. Overcome bandwidth congestion in MDU’s.
Simple to install with Plug & Play technology
One button push to pair devices. Easy to use GUI.

0-200Mhz Freq use

TEoC GigaKit point to point Ethernet over Coax kit comprises;
1 x Controller, 1 x PoC Receiver, 1 x TV + Data Combiner, 1 x 48V PSU for PoC (Power over Coax).
Additional TEoC Receivers required to expand Network.
TV + Data Combiner to be used with GigaKit to diplex TV Signal into the Network.
Simply add / attach a Wi-Fi Access Point to the TEoC Receiver for improved in-room Wi-Fi.

No new cables required

Create a high speed data network using existing TV coax cables. Less disruption for your clients.

Stay connected with wired connectivity

For a fast, stable and reliable Gigabit network. Many devices with built-in Wi-Fi can suffer poor connectivity as the router is often in a different location. TEoC GigaKit delivers router speeds quickly and easily without installing new cabling.

Immune from interference

Shielded TV coax cables are not affected by devices around the home.

Reduce buffering

Faster downloads and content sharing (including HD & 4K content) to other devices on the home network.

Passes Terrestrial TV signal

TEoC GigaKit allows both TV and data to be carried simultaneously through the coax networ

Connect a Wi-Fi Access Point

Increase coverage around the home and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots.

Online Gaming

Fast and stable connection with lower latency creates a more immersive experience for gamers with smoother game play and faster response times.

Supports long cable runs

Access beyond the reach of Wi-Fi or CAT6a cable.

Save time and improve margins

Unleash the power of existing coax cables, quick plug & play set-up and easier cable termination.

Easily Expandable

Create a basic network, then just add the required number of receivers for whole home coverage.

Up to 8 TV Points can be supported from a single Controller for fast, reliable broadband connectivity in up to 8 locations.



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