Triax IP100 Ip Set Top Box (SAT>IP)

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Brand: Triax

Triax IP100 Ip Set Top Box (SAT>IP)

Triax IP100 Ip Set Top Box (SAT>IP)

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The TRIAX IP-100 SAT>IP receiver makes it possible to display SAT>IP signals from the TSS 400 SAT>IP converter on the TV and thereby offer access to all free available TV and radio programmes in the home network. Additional features like EPG, video text and subtitles ensure you the full benefit of TV watching, and the possibility to record programmes on external storage media makes the picture complete. Thanks to the Android 2.2 OS many different apps can be played on the unit and make this receiver a true allrounder.
This is the best method to receive Freeview Satellite across CAT Cables.

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