TVC05 Quad + Terr Fibre Node

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Brand: Triax

TVC05 Quad + Terr Fibre Node

TVC05 Quad + Terr Fibre Node

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For opto LNB and IRS 1. Virtual Optical Receivers are optical-to-coax converters which convert frequency stacked optical signals from an Opto-LNB TOL or TOU 232-Kit (IRS 1) sidecar unit into a legacy universal single coax signal. The converters also provide a coax DTT/DAB/FM signal diplexed onto each output when it is inserted into the optical transmitter TOU 232 SA.
Built in AGC which allows a wide dynamic range of the optical signals on Fibre input with less deviation of the RF output level and signal quality.
Two LED indicators display operational status, Easy mounting via a wall baseplate. Power supply via RF outputs from SAT receivers
Optional external power supply for continuous operation available. Covered with white plastic cabinet

Optical input power: -12 ..0dBm – Universal LNB Freq

Size: 110x136x50 mm