The Opto-Multiswitch combines Optical-to-Electrical Re-converters with an integrated Multiswitch in modulare system.

The Opto SwitchSlave TOM 16 S is a plug on module to supply the reception of the four SAT-IF bands from a further Satellite fibre into 16 trunk lines of the Opto SwitchMaster TOM 16 M.

So reception can be extended to 2, 3 or 4 satellites by plugging additional Opto SwitchSlave units onto the Opto SwitchMaster.

Smart installation with cascadable master & slave units.
All-in-one Receiver, Converter & Multiswitch.
Compatible with the Optical LNB TOL 32 / TOL 64 or Optical IRS 1 which includes TER (DTT, DAB, FM).
Very compact form factor and reliable disign on base of the new chip set in ASIC technology.
Ideal for SAT FTTH/FTTB networks because of easy and space-saving installation without any coaxial patch cables
between re-convertrer and multi-switch.
Easy upgrade for reception of more than one satellite position.
Power feed from the SwitchMaster (PSU for Slave is not necessary)

TOM 16S - Opto Switch Slave 16 Way

  • Brand: Triax
  • Product Code: 307698