• Flex Link Relay & Sensor Cable

Global Caché’s iTach Flex is an industry first, a smart end-point that WiFi or network enables electrical FLC-RS.sm.fwdevices instantly. Using our plug-and-play Flex Link Cables, the Flex adds intelligence to devices not IP-enabled by connecting them to the automation and control software of your choice. In addition, the Flex supports HTTP for web browser control from anywhere on the network.

Configurable using hardware jumpers and through iTach Flex integrated web server or software API

Relay Outputs

  • 4 Integrated SPST relays with transient voltage suppression and easy push release terminal blocks
  • 24V AC/DC or .5A N.O. contact relays
  • Allows for isolated switching of low voltage wiring

Relay Configurations

  • Relay outputs are configurable into common relay types
                --  Single Pole Single Throw (SPST)
                --  Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
                --  Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)

Sensor Inputs

  • 4 configurable inputs
  • Voltage or contact closure sense modes
  • Voltage Sense Mode
  • Sense AC/DC voltages ±3v (RMS) to ±24v (RMS)

Contact Closure Mode

  • Sense contact closure
  • Use for input from devices or feedback from external relays
  • Cable/Connector
  • 3.5mm four conductor jack to Flex Link Port on iTach Flex devices
  • 4 easy push four terminal blocks for relay and sensor connections
  • 4.5ft cable

No power supply required


  • Enclosure is DIN rail mountable
  • Allows for simple installation in any location

3.24”w x 2”l x .9”h

Flex Link Relay & Sensor Cable