Triax Cast Server -300

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Brand: Triax

Triax Cast Server -300

Triax Cast Server -300

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Triax Cast server for upto 300 Cast Devices
Robust, reliable and well proven platform
• Slim and space saving
• Optional 1U 19” bracket for rack mount
• In-house developed Software
• Uses Standard Google Chromecast
• Enables intuitive, privacy-focused dependable casting experience
• Easy to configure
• Easy to manage

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The best entertainment you can give to your guests –

is the entertainment they bring from home

Added value for guests

=✓  Guests can watch their own favourite content

  • ✓  Easy and intuitive to use
  • ✓  Private, secure connection in each room
  • ✓  Supports all iOS and Android casting- enabled appAdded value for hotels
    • ✓  Attract guests and improve loyalty
    • ✓  Dependable solution based on Google Chromecast
    • ✓  Cost-effective in-room entertainment
    • ✓  Compatible with any TV
    • ✓  Easy system management and monitoring
    • ✓  Avoid theft and tampering with TRIAX CastLock



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