Triax TVQS 05 Fibre Quattro Destacker

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Brand: Triax

Triax TVQS 05 Fibre Quattro Destacker

Triax TVQS 05 Fibre Quattro Destacker

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The TVQS 05 Destacker Virtual QUATTRO Optical Receiver Node is an optical-to-coax converter, which converts the frequency stacked optical signal from a TQSS 64 Front-end LNB setup into 4 single polarities. The resulting signal delivery is similar to that sent from a normal Universal QUATTRO LNB, a C-Band LNB or any combination of 4 individual polarities. The outputs can be fed directly into a multi switch.
Uses one single Fibre Optical Output
4 x SAT-IF polarity inputs (950-2150 MHz)
For a Passive Optical Network (PON) of 64 ways
Uses 1530nm and 1550nm Wavelength via WDM
Colour- and symbol coded inputs (QUATTRO)
Includes 20VDC Power Supply
Compatible with any Ku-Band or C-Band polarities

Optical Input Level -3….-13dBm For use with TQSS64 (307623) Only